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Frequently Asked Questions ...

I have a coupon code but I do not know how to use it

Just type this code on the checkout page, the one that comes after the choice of payment method.
Then I choose paypal without a paypal account?

Yes you can pay by credit card like any other bank.
I can not find the piece that I seek

Have you used our search engine? You can also browse the different categories of site.
I have the reference code or manufacturer

Just type it in the "You know the code part manufacturer?" which is the search area in gray. Never hit the mark, only the code.
Do you have a phone number?

For now we prefer to contact you by "chat" or e-mail.
How do you flip a coin?

Contact us by email at info@eevad.com then we will send you a walking track.
What is the warranty on parts?

Please see our Terms on this page
If I pay by check or transfer, when you ship my merchandise?

Your order will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. If the parts are in stock, they leave the same day, otherwise there is a delay depending on our supplier.
I do not understand what are the delivery times

On the data sheet, inventory items are shown "available" in green. For others we give you a guideline period (usually one week). Times vary according to our suppliers.
What is the fare?

Fees are calculated according to weight of parts.
Talk about a service "chat" but I see nothing

The service "chat" using adobe flash. You probably have a computer or it is not installed (in this case adobe flash player ), or a smartphone or tablet. You can contact us by email on info@eevad.com.
I am not in France but why should I pay VAT?

To qualify for duty-bills by being in an EEC countries, indicate when you register your VAT number.
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