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Maintenance - greases - <br> adhesives

For a good use of your cooking equipment, your coffee machines, your washing, industrial cold, air conditioning, vending.

You will find for the maintenance of your machines grease, detergent, rinsing agent, sealing, cleaning kit, pellet, wiping coil, pressurized gas, anti-lime, teflon, loctite seal, leakage indicator, descaler, paint bomb, degreaser , Sanitizing Sanipure product, neutralizer, steel wool, liquid seal, bag of wipes, anti-slip caillebottis, cleaning spray, workshop soap, cappuccino cleaner, antibacterial bomb, black silicone, ceramic stone glue, metal glue, metal mastic, copper stripper, kit case, salt pellet, resin, eco-friendly cleaner, brazing and soldering paste, spray belt, soluble elbow oil.

All these products are essential to a good equipment balance, to keep its performance and efficiency over time.
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Showing 1 - 16 of 223 items


Showing 1 - 16 of 223 items