Spare parts, consumables & accessories authentic quality and origin of bar equipment, large kitchens and vending. Save money by learning to fix your machine yourself through our catalog of more than 500,000 references.

  • Express delivery or classic

    Pillar of our service policy, the type of delivery is always selected for optimal transport quality for each product.

  • 100% secure payment

    We do not store any credit card information on our servers and those of our partners. The data is transmitted in a 100 %% secure.

New original parts and guarantees

Eevad is the first website sale of spare parts for hotels, bars, restaurants.

Eevad offers a wide range of genuine parts for all devices pro and semi-pro and supplies (detergent, softeners, utensils, washing baskets, etc.). Find the largest selection of genuine parts for your hardware. With a wealth of experience in the field of the spare part, we're offering our excellence and speed.

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