Spare parts, consumables & accessories authentic quality and origin of bar equipment, large kitchens and vending. Save money by learning to fix your machine yourself through our catalog of more than 800,000 references. EEVAD is the largest choice of spare parts for Faema, Saeco, Cimbali, Simonelli, Roller Grill, Electrolux, Zanussi, Robot Coupe, Dito Sama, Bartscher, Icematic, ITV, Scotsman, Whirlpool, DIHR, Comenda, Lamber, Elettrobar , Necta ... but also the biggest brands of water treatment like Brita, Bilt Cuno ..


Eevad allows you to immediately access  to the spare parts of coffee machines and coffee grinders adapted to brands such as Faema, Saeco, Cimbali, Simonelli, Conti, Reneka, Astoria, Wega, Spaziale, Unic, Rancilio, San Marco..... as well as barista accessories such as packers,knock box, brushes, bottle brushes ...Take care of your coffee machine with cleaning products such as Puly Caff, Urmex, Cafiza detergents and finding spare parts such as boilers, filter holders, seals or shower heads...


The cooking range at EEVAD offers a large selection of large kitchen spare parts for the repair of your ovens, pizza ovens, piano, deep fryers, plancha ... suitable for brands such as Roller Grill, Electrolux, Zanussi, Krampouz, Dito Sama, Convotherm, Rational, Rosinox, Charvet, Angelo PO... Dare to change only your burners, fry baskets, thermostats, probes, resistors...


The cold at EEVAD is a wide choice of spare parts such as door seals, standard and custom, grids, compressors, cabinet joints ... But also spare parts for your ice makers like pumps, Pallets, thermostats ... in many brands such as Bartscher, Brema, Icematic, ITV, Kastel, Manitowoc, Scotsman, Simag, Staff, Whirlpool, Sagi, Alpeninox, Iarp, Polaris, La Sommelière, Liebherr, Coreco...


Thanks to its notoriety, EEVAD offers you a wide range of spare parts for everything that is washing , Dish washer, glass washer, tunnel By finding The brands DIHR, Comenda, Lamber, Elettrobar, Silanos, Hobart, Meika, Winterhalter... For the replacement of dosers, pumps, washing and rinsing arms, bungs, hoses, solenoid valves, tanks, thermostats, turntables, pressure switches...


We offer a wide range of spare parts for automatic distribution such as pumps, solenoid valves, currency detector,, fans ... for the most famous brands Alice Club, Bianchi, Crane, Ducale, Fas-Omnimatic, Lavazza, Necta ...Not forgetting our high quality water fountains.


To ensure quality water in your coffee machines, your kitchen equipment, commercial cold we have chosen the elite brands including Brita, Bilt, Cuno, Everpure, BWT Water and More ... Filtration, resin softeners with faucets or by pass, cartridges, filters online ...


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The top of West Bend is at EEVAD

The top of West Bend is at EEVAD

The top of West Bend is at EEVAD

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EEVAD lowers its prices

EEVAD lowers its prices

To wash, store, we have lowered our prices on ALL our SPARE PARTS and ACCESSORIES of our categories Wash and Cold

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Give your opinion

The satisfaction of our customers is paramount for us, so we have made all efforts to provide you a site to the height of your expectations, with a new design, but above all more intuitive, more fluid, with a better search engine.

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