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To accompany your spare parts, because one does not function without the other, we have at EEVAD a varied range of tools adapted to coffee, cooking, large professional kitchen, industrial cold, washing, vending and air conditioning.

This tool, which is without secrecy, one of the used vital elements to the proper functioning and performance of your machines is represented at EEVAD as Brush (stainless steel, metallic, plastic), screwdriver, extractor seal, brush, technician Suitcase, Multi-pliers, Crimping pliers, Cutting pliers, crimping tool, Rivet pliers, universal clamp, locking pliers, Television clamp, Ratchet and socket casing, Torx key, Allen key, socket wrench, filter disassembling, Wrench, combination wrench, Reamer calibrator, Brush for grinding wheel, monkey wrench, bit box, rivet, Trolley, Caliper, Soft tool case, cutter, Hole saw, metal tool box, Set of taps, Set Of Metric Taps, Mounting saw blade, pin punch, socket wrench box, Polygonal wrench, Drill Bits, cable cutter, Electric tester, HSS Drill Bit, tape measure, Double Wrench, curved wrench, stripper pliers, flat key, Punch Perforator Pliers, socket.

This accessible for all quality tooling, will allow you to repair your material with precision.
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Showing 1 - 16 of 691 items


Showing 1 - 16 of 691 items