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Orders must be placed by internet and have no value upon the acceptance by eevad.
eevad reserves the right to deny or confirm orders because such is out of stock, permanently or not, or insolvency of the buyer or any other reason, without having to justify and not be worried about this Leader. Only complete orders are fully taken into account.

Every order is made under the responsibility of the person or company that writes. The buyer is solely responsible for its choice, even if descriptions, details, specifications, drawings or pictures that appear are insufficient to determine the article. If the buyer feels ill-informed, he may choose not to order. No cancellation of orders or returns will be accepted due to qualitative or quantitative errors in the command. 
Prices are in euros. They are the ones displayed on the date of confirmation of order acceptance. They are sharp. VAT and transportation costs are added. 
The supplier reserves the right to change prices without notice.
Transportation is at the risk of the buyer who takes care of the necessary formalities in case of loss or damage directly with the carrier. The greatest care is given to packaging, it is advisable to check the goods on arrival. The carrier may refuse to exercise that right. A package may have no apparent signs of shock, and yet have was handled roughly. If so, thank you note before the break the driver and accurately record the reference number and broken parts on the receipt. Any dispute delivery we must be reported within 12 hours by fax or mail, to enable us to CONFIRM THE PROBLEM IN THE THREE DAYS OF DELIVERY BY LETTER WITH THE CARRIER AR 
Payment can be made by check mailed attached to your order or with reference thereto.
Secure payment directly by SP-PLUS (online by credit card).
No expedition can take place before the account was credited eevad.

The shipping time according to law: Unless the parties agree otherwise, the supplier must execute the order within thirty days from the day after the consumer sent his order to the supplier of the product or service. In the event of default under the contract by a supplier due to the unavailability of goods or services ordered, the consumer must be informed of this situation and must, where appropriate, be paid without delay and no later than thirty days after the payment of sums paid. Beyond this term, these sums are chargeable with interest at the statutory rate. However, if the possibility was provided prior to the contract or the contract, the supplier can provide a good or service quality and price equivalents. The consumer is informed of this possibility in a clear and understandable. The costs of returning the goods following exercise of the right of withdrawal is, in this case, the responsibility of the supplier and the consumer must be informed are shown when ordering. 
The responsibility of eevad can never be sought because of missed deadlines, or cancel the order. When an order comes in several times to customer demand, the shipping cost is charged for each delivery. 
If no second appointment delivery, extra costs that would be claimed by the carrier to complete delivery of your package, you are charged. Indeed it is the obligation of the buyer to clear the address. Deliveries are made during the opening hours of the carrier. 
Items on sale:
Green available validated command can not be canceled
Orange delay 1 weeks Client hereby accept the said period, or he will renew his order later
Deadline red 3 weeks Eevad may at any time cancel the order and make repayment

Right of withdrawal:
In accordance with the law: The consumer has a period of seven calendar days to exercise its right of withdrawal without having to give any reasons or to pay penalties, with the exception of the cost of returning it to bear alone. The period mentioned in the foregoing paragraph to the receipt for the goods or the acceptance of the offer for services. When the information specified in Article L. 121-19 have not been filed, the deadline for exercising the right of withdrawal is increased to three months. However, when providing such information comes within three months from receipt of goods or the acceptance of the offer, it puts the period of seven days mentioned in the first paragraph. When the seven-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it was extended until the next business day. When the right of withdrawal is exercised, eevad shall promptly reimburse consumers and most within thirty days after the date on which the right has been exercised. In addition, the amount due is, of right, bear interest at the legal rate in force. The right of withdrawal can not be exercised unless the parties have otherwise agreed, contracts:

1 supply of services if performance has begun, with the consumer's agreement before the expiry of seven clear days;
2 of providing goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in financial market;

3 of supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized or which, because of their nature, can not be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly; 
4 of supply of audio or video or computer software if they have been unsealed by the consumer; 
5 From the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines; 
6 service paris or authorized lotteries. 

Right of return 
For all sales transactions remotely, the buyer of a product has a period of seven clear days after the delivery of his order to return the product to the seller for exchange or refund, without penalty to the exception return fee. 
If the deadline expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it was extended until the next business day. 
Obviously the object returned must be fully intact and if the packaging is not neutral and is part of the value of the article (unlike the outer packaging), it must also be returned in perfect state. 
Only has jurisdiction in any dispute, the court of the jurisdiction of the headquarters eevad. 

The fact that we place an order, carries an express acceptance and without prejudice to our general conditions of sale. 

According to the Computer and Freedom Act of January 06, 1978, you have a right to access and rectify data concerning you, we can inform you of our offers by mail and e-mail. If you do not want, just write us indicating your name, address. 


The delivery period indicated runs after the expiration of the right of withdrawal, and when payments by check 
after receipt thereof. 

The buyer chooses the carrier. Transportation equipment is at the risk of the buyer 
who takes care of the necessary formalities in case of loss or damage. 
No returns will be accepted, no refund can be made if the equipment was damaged during shipping. 

The guarantee can play in cases of misuse of the device, electrical or electronic problems. 

If returned, the device must be totally intact, and its packaging must not have been opened. 
The device should not have been connected and / or used. The documents and materials must be complete. 
The device must be re-shipped in its original packaging in a shipping carton. 
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