Installation Equipment - Screws - hoses - Tools

Our exhaustive range of spare parts and accessories in the electric field, gas field and consumable are essentials tools to EEVAD.

We constantly widen our offer to deliver your order as quick as possible in the field of screws, connectors, measuring devices, valves, feet, castors, hoses...

Our items are nearly all genuine and they are of the best quality.

  • Accessories of service
    Find your accessories that will help you to maintain and repair of your coffee machines, barista, cooking, vending equipment, such as coin acceptors, pumps, knock box, sugar bowl, brushes, coffee doser, coffeegrounds drawer, cappuccino Coffee maker, milk jug, thermos, extractor seal, powder container, coffee tamper, ice cube scoop, container milling, paper filter, metal or aluminum scoop, isothermal pitcher, jug, shaker, measuring block, ice cube tray, Cutlery tray.
  • Measuring device
    Find your measuring devices needed in the vending, coffee, washing, cooking areas, such as oil testers, multimeter, leak detector, probe, anemometer, wiping coil, alcoholmeter, collector, Continuum meter, vacuum gauge.
  • Various tolls Boxes / set
    Finding your Various tolls Boxes / set Automatic dispenser to troubleshoot your compressors, coins, motors or pumps ...
  • Connector
    Find all your connectors for your coffee machines, cooking, washing, commercial refrigeration, vending and air conditioning equipment including sockets, rubber elbows, junction box, connecting strip electrical cable, plug, silicone cable, programming switch , Cable reel, Rilsan, hose clamp, lugs, lamp holder, Crimping pliers, multi pliers, multi-socket, ceramic connector, copper cord, cable gland, crimping tool, green connector.
  • Electricity
    Electrical components for coffee machine, cooking, large professional kitchen, cold, washing, air conditioning and vending.

    You will find capacitor, oven lamp, halogen lamp, level sensor, fuse, oven lamp glass, glass plate, transformer, fuse holder, lens, fluorescent lamp, neon, ankle poise lamp, incandescent lamp, only genuine parts to repair and maintain your equipment.
  • Filters - pipework
    Your wear parts are available at EEVAD to change your filters, fittings, valve, syphon, bypass, water block, diffusion valve, tank filter, resin filter, anti-return valve, shut-off valve, outlet valve , press flush valve, check valve, valve and ball valve, retention valve, self-tapping valve, plastic tap, screw valve, nozzle and fitting rubber hose, pressure reducer, drain hose, hose, gas tap, outlet Gas meter, water meter, brass filter, plastic reducer, plastic filter, quick coupler filter essential for your interventions.
  • Gasket
    At EEVAD you will find a wide range of seals to operate your machines such as piston seals, rubber seal, silicone seal, metalloplastic seal, viton seal, copper seal, probe seal, lip seal and our assortment box O-ring, blue fiber connection, red fiber seal, green fiber, socket, exhaust gasket, exchanger seal, tank seal, garbage chute seal, food quality seal, flexible seal that are essential for proper functioning.
  • tools
    To accompany your spare parts, because one does not function without the other, we have at EEVAD a varied range of tools adapted to coffee, cooking, large professional kitchen, industrial cold, washing, vending and air conditioning.

    This tool, which is without secrecy, one of the used vital elements to the proper functioning and performance of your machines is represented at EEVAD as Brush (stainless steel, metallic, plastic), screwdriver, extractor seal, brush, technician Suitcase, Multi-pliers, Crimping pliers, Cutting pliers, crimping tool, Rivet pliers, universal clamp, locking pliers, Television clamp, Ratchet and socket casing, Torx key, Allen key, socket wrench, filter disassembling, Wrench, combination wrench, Reamer calibrator, Brush for grinding wheel, monkey wrench, bit box, rivet, Trolley, Caliper, Soft tool case, cutter, Hole saw, metal tool box, Set of taps, Set Of Metric Taps, Mounting saw blade, pin punch, socket wrench box, Polygonal wrench, Drill Bits, cable cutter, Electric tester, HSS Drill Bit, tape measure, Double Wrench, curved wrench, stripper pliers, flat key, Punch Perforator Pliers, socket.

    This accessible for all quality tooling, will allow you to repair your material with precision.
  • Feet - casters
    Do not forget our quality castor kit range, fixed, swivel, with bandage, also the bases, feet, fixing for pipe, ball bearing, rubber pad, machine foot, monobloc wheel, rubber wheel, actuator, Zamak leg, shock absorber, guide shaft, steel bearing, bearing shell, metal fixing, screwed foot, hollow head screw, zinc plated roller.
    At EEVAD nothing is missing for the repair and maintenance of your machines thanks to our wide choice of original fittings John Guest, Legris (beer-metal), brass fitting with filter, Teflon, rubber connector, screwed fitting, mounting fitting, direct connection, plastic elbow fitting, copper fitting, black food Pe pipe, female / male union, valve, Shut-off valve, tube cutter, junction sleeve, double union, male / female bracket, clips, reduction, corrugated sleeve, Y-fitting, special coupling Biere, quick coupling, Legris quick push-in fittings.
  • Thermometers
    For your measurements and tests, EEVAD presents its range of thermometers to control your coffee machines, mills, cooking equipment, professional large kitchen, washing, cold, air conditioning, automatic distribution, you will find infrared thermometer, laser vision, thermometer for Refrigerator, freezer, cooking oven, digital, universal, LR54 battery pack, densimeter, special coffee thermometer, AKO thermometer, digital and klixons, all of which are essential for the proper functioning of your machines.
  • Pipes - hoses - <br> sleeve clamp
    EEVAD offers a wide range of parts not only for your hoses and drain hose, flexible, stainless steel, angled or straight, distribution collar, flow tube, water inlet filter, stretchable gas hose, gaz tube, silicone hose, Stainless steel hose, condensing tube, flexible seal, crystal hose, reinforced crystal hose, quick coupling, hose clamp, sleeve, hose, but also dismantling tools, polyvalent hose, polyethylene tube, rubber tube, Flexible or rigid tube, food tube, transparent tube, tricoclair tube, steel wire collar, flexible polyamide coil, flexible with shut-off valve, pvc connection, in T, angled, pump hose, white flexible hose, seal 1/8, 1/4, 1/6, ½, tube coil 3/8, gum tube, exchanger seal, filter holder wedge, hose nozzle.

    Quality at the best price.
  • screws
    Screws at EEVAD are an essential complement to help you troubleshoot your coffee machines, large professional kitchen, domestic cold, dishwasher and automatic dispenser.

    You will find a variety of washers, bolts, rivets, screws, nut, countersunk screws, flat washer, threaded rod, cap nut, butterfly nut, serrated washer, spring washer, plastic plug, socket head screws.

    Quality assurance.